Graphs stopped generating everywhere

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Graphs stopped generating everywhere

Post by kurt.oconnor » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:41 pm

All of a sudden, all of the graphs are blank. The system reports no errors in the logs. I have had the system running for months. Any suggestions?

FreeNATS VM Version: 1.09.2/b

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Re: Graphs stopped generating everywhere

Post by dave » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:21 pm

Hi Kurt,

Sorry you're experiencing problems. If nothing changed at all between it working and not then the best guess is some sort of error or warning being output by the graph.

The first step is to see if there is some textual error or other in the graph output.

What I suggest is you try running the graph from the command-line and see if any errors are generated.

You need to know the web directory for freenats - on the VM it's in /srv/www/html but if you are using a source install maybe elsewhere.

$ cd /srv/www/html
$ php test.graph.php

You should now get a load of jibberish on the screen but (we hope) with a textual error of some type.

The code (working) should give us some sort of questionmark sign thing and then PNG then more machine chars for maybe two lines.

If there is no error shown at all then maybe it's a database problem or other (the above will generate a graph with an error saying no test specified).

To check an actual test do the following;

1. Identify a test by the test ID you see when viewing a test history (for example L1)
2. Edit a file in the web directory (e.g. pico mytestgraph.php)
3. Put the following into the file:

Code: Select all

$_REQUEST['testid']="L1"; // an example using L1 as the test id found in step 1
include "test.graph.php";
4. Run this file: php mytestgraph.php

See what error if any is shown here.

If none of this works and there is no warning then please go to one of the broken images in your browser and right-click save as then email the saved image to me as dcutting then the at sign

Let me know how you get on and as I said I hope you'll see some obvious textual warning or other being echo'd in the graph output breaking it.



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