The status of ViQ

The ViQ Interatice Questionnaire
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The status of ViQ

Post by dave » Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:01 pm

Well... ViQ is pretty much now consigned to care-and-maintainence (read no care and no maintainence) status. Although it works fine and the free release edition does do everything it should there are simply better things out there and the code is soooooooo old (pre register-globals for example) I just don't think it's worth persuing.

Any of the (very few) users out there who find bugs still feel free to report them, if it's an easy fix I'll probably do it. No new features will be added though.

The core technology of ViQ continues to live on in various half-completed projects and some of the ideas (if not any actual code) is used in freenats.

Though it was never released GPL (and all the code wasn't publically available) this was only because the engine was to form the core of an actual honest-to-satan commercial product which needless to say was never completed, consigned to the /dev/null of time, and so is irrelevant now. So... I doubt anyone would actually want to use it but get in touch if you want a GPL release packaged.

Or just ignore the existing licence and rip it to pieces.

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