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Icon Dynamic Directory Scan

Post by dave » Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:34 pm


Thought I'd mention this in a bit of detail here in case it messes anyone up on upgrade. The new dev version (1.01.9a) scans the server/web/icons directory when required to build a list of icons. This means you can now drop icons straight into the directory and they should magically appear in the interface.

In order to keep existing setups happy and avoid updating config.inc.php files the old $fnIcons list is still there and is used for the defaults. The list isn't used for the actual displays or selections however.

To see what can be removed you might want to look at the config-.inc.php file which shows which parts of the list are still in use.

This should mean existing custom icons and changed defaults etc will continue to operate but you won't be able to input path-relative entries into the array and have them appear any more.



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